Moroccan Bling has been set up by Jess Stephens, a visual artist residing in the Fez region of Morocco. Having always had the inclination of being a  gypsy and admiring and adorning bling, jewelry and wearable artworks herself the topic of this blog is close to Jess’ heart.

Founder of Morocco Bling Jess Stephens

Most of the research done for this blog comes from the web but various articles come about through of direct contact with the rich and diverse culture in Morocco.

Morocco Bling is also an online etsy jewelry shop, inspired by the materials and ethnicity of Morocco. The enterprise is run by Jess with designs drawn from Morocco and production by local co-ops, individuals or by Jess herself. Morocco Bling aims at a sustainable living and fair trade for all.


10 Responses to About

  1. Lynn says:

    Well done Jess-blog and jewelry both brilliant! Best. L.

  2. Tim Cullis says:

    Hi Jess, we met a couple of years ago when I was studying Darija in Fez (with my motorbike). Love the blog and have bookmarked it.

    My first trip to Morocco in the 1970s was to buy a huge quantity of Goulimine trade beads, see http://www.insidemystery.org/psychedelic/goulimine.html which were originally fabricated in Venice. They seem a bit rare now, would be interested if you have any information.


    • jessiculture says:

      Salamalekum Tim, I love to put some of your article on my blog Permission please, obviously with a link. ?? Cant give you any extra than you have but will let you know if i get any leads. Hope all is well with you.
      Besat wishes from Fez,

  3. Vivien says:

    Hi Jess

    I like your blog and love your jewellery.

    I’m a regular visitor to Morocco from Australia. Is there somewhere in Morocco we can see your ‘Moroccan bling’?


    • jessiculture says:

      Hi Vivian, I have a studio in Sefrou, close to Fez. You are most welcome to visit. Frankly the one and only showcase right now is etsy. Bestest wishes.

      • Hi Jess

        Don’ty know what happened there – I’ve made 2 quick visits to Fes since the above. I’ll be back in Fes from 23rd April for 5 days with a car. Plan to visit the women’s coop in Sefrou on one of those days. Will you be around then and how do I arrange to visit? Can I call you?


      • jessiculture says:

        I hope to be at home( sefrou) then,. Get in touc if you are around. culture.vulture1@rocketmail.com
        Jess x

  4. Hi Jess
    Have you got an email address I can contact you on?
    Thanks a lot!

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