A gem of a jewelry box in the heart of Fez

Nestled on the main path of Fez’ old medina lies La Boutique Fez, a treasure chest of jewelry pieces and tempting items. This new venture, run by an Argentinian traveler and a Welsh artist, celebrates womanhood and adornment. La Boutique Fez showcases pieces from as far as Afghanistan and Rwanda and presents collections by artist Jess Stephens in collaboration with the local artisan-ship.

boutique 1

Sara and Jess, the two boutique initiators, met some years ago in the ancient trading city of Fez, a medina which is dotted with Fundoks, souks, hammams and Mosques. Both women are passionate about the bootee they present and how it comes to temporarily rest in La Boutique Fez before being taken on the road again.

Anne Graff, Art Historian once wrote about Jess Stephens creations –  Jess’s designer jewelry pieces have both the whiff-on-the-wind of the wild Bedouin woman of the near Atlas hills and the complexity and color sensibility of the a Camden art graduate.

chikhat choker

chikhat choker by Jess Stephens

There is a wonderful inventiveness and re-use of some traditional items of Moroccan garb. In the collaborative spirit of the Festival, the adornments bring together Orient and Occident, the world of here and the world of there. And like the sense of oneness and community elicited by some of the music, these delicious trinkets create a hunger for the coming together of cultures. They embody the exciting frisson that can occur when different world traditions rub together. This then, the coming together of cultures, is at the heart of this year’s sacred experience at the seventeenth festival of music in Fes.”

Argentinian wanderer, Sara Epstein, is in her element when on the road, exchanging and engaging with the people and a culture such as Morocco. DADA is Sara’s jewelry boutique in the old city of Barcelona which embraces the essence of a ‘travel tardis’ as enticing jewelry pieces and traveled cloth transport you onto the old silk road.

brazalete antiguo plata afgan  Silver Bracelet from Afghanistan. DADA

The partnership of female travelers, local female staff and regional artisans is a delicious fusion. Step into La Boutique Fez and be taken on a cultural exploration.

laboutique lalas

Open Saturday – Thursday 9.30 a.m.  – 6.30 p.m

La Boutique Fez

Talla K’Bira. Chrabliyine – Fez Medina. Morocco

Keep connected and discover the glory and the influence of jewelry of the world and its’ nomadic voyages.  https://www.facebook.com/BoutiqueFez

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One Response to A gem of a jewelry box in the heart of Fez

  1. Manuel says:

    I have seen the items exposed and some of them are just breathtaking!!! Congratulations. Manuel

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