Fabric buttons transformed into colorful textile jewelry.

Moroccan woven buttons

One of the many things the Jews left behind in Morocco was the art of tailoring and its bi-product the textile button. These hand woven gems are made all over Morocco but are more commonly found in what were richly populated Jewish towns such as Sefrou, in the Fez region. Many of the old medina residential streets are peppered with women who gather outside in the early summer evenings to spin the thread and/or hand weave the buttons. The purpose of these buttons is rarely to fasten but more to adorn the front of djellabas and Kaftans.

Detail of button on a Moroccan Kaftan

The buttons, simple as they may seem, can be made into many different types of knot. Some of the more common styles are Jacard, wrda and bildi but be assured there are women out there with creative minds who are creating with new knots and fashions.

The Threads

It was three years ago that L’Association D’Artisanat Des Femmes De Khenifra under the supervision of Lynda Zahava of the Peace Corps started to produce necklaces assembled from these Jellaba/kaftan buttons. Now there are several Moroccan cooperatives as well as Moroccan Bling that use these threaded trinkets as a material for jewelry collections. Sold also in tassel shops in Marrakech they may soon be transformed into some kind of home decoration. You heard it here first……….

A Moroccan Bling Creation

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