Moroccan Silver…. the low down

Silver Ore

After phosphate, Moroccan silver is the second largest and most important mineral product in the country.  Silver mining in Morocco is widely found in Imiter (located in the Oriental Anti Atlas region) and Igoudrane( Souss Valley) . In these places the metal can be seen in the form of ore. Imiter mines produce a processing capacity of 300,000 tonnes of silver ores every year, which is equal to the production of 250 tonnes of silver per year. The purity rate of the silver obtained from the extracted ores of Imiter mines is 99.7% and resides to bullion and anodes forms. Whereas resources of silver ore obtained in Igoudrane mine is around 500,000 tonnes, it has the capacity of producing 730 g/t of pure or original silver.


Moroccan Silverwork

Many pieces of Moroccan jewellery are not stamped, but the lack of hallmarks does not mean that silver is of poor quality. It simply means that the jewel was made by an independent craftsman who may not have paid too many taxes… The hallmark is a guarantee, and any discussion with the craftsman will reveal that he knows how he made his jewellery best.

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One Response to Moroccan Silver…. the low down

  1. Great to read your article.
    As a jeweller, living in Australia, a frequent visitor to Morocco.
    I am interested in the interface of ordinary Moroccan jewellers and their designs and sales to tourists. I think there is scope for young jewellers to improve the market and have tried to help a couple of jewellers with simple strong design ideas, open to interpretation, and will be back in Morocco soon and will try to help further.
    I have made a range of Moroccan inspired pieces, not for sale in Morocco as they would be far too expensive, though I have tried and was asked, “what is the kilo price”
    See my website.
    Remember the term ‘hallmark’ is virtually specific to Britain, other countries can only ‘mark’ work and such a mark is no guarantee of purity. Sorry to be pedantic.
    Great article. Lovely photos. Keep writing.

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